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From detailed windows to expansive doors, we pride ourselves on our ability to create one-of-a-kind products that solve your design challenges.

Kolbe Windows & Doors Ultra Series crank-out casement, Green Tea Leaf exterior, Performance divided lites

Series & Collections

Kolbe has designed various product lines to meet specific architectural and aesthetic goals. Each offers distinct advantages, yet remains vastly customizable. Careful design, quality craftsmanship, many aesthetic choices, and innovative solutions help Kolbe windows and doors manifest your vision.

The VistaLuxe Collection by Kolbe Windows & Doors

VistaLuxe™ Collection

  • Wood Interior / Aluminum Exterior
  • Sleek Lines and Narrow Profiles
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The Ultra Series by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Ultra Series

  • Wood Interior / Aluminum Exterior
  • Versatile, traditional style
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The Heritage Series by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Heritage Series

  • Wood Interior / Wood Exterior
  • All-wood construction for historical accuracy
Photo courtesy of Darren S. Higgins
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The Forgent Series by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Forgent Series

  • Complements Glastra/Wood or all Glastra® Units
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Kolbe windows are for people who care about the big picture and the smallest detail. We go beyond the mainstream options to defy the limits of function, performance, and style.

Casement Window by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Casement Windows

Awning Window by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Awning Windows

Photo courtesy of Sennikoff Architects
Double Hung Windows by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Double-Hung Windows

Sliding Windows by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Sliding Windows

Photo courtesy of CMGT Construction
Specialty Radius Window by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Specialty Windows


Kolbe doors are for people who push the limits, who insist that the indoors and outdoors be integrated. With expertise, innovation, and care, we build door systems for people who desire grand sizes, imaginative shapes and demand superior perfomance.

Multi-Slide Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Multi-Slide Doors

Photos © Henke Studio
Sliding Patio Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Photos © 2011 Dom Koric Photography
Lift & Slide Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Lift & Slide Doors

Multi-Fold Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Folding Doors

Swinging Patio Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Swinging Patio Doors

Entrance Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Entrance Doors

Commercial Doors by Kolbe Windows & Doors

Commercial Doors

VistaLuxe® Collection casement and corner direct set by Kolbe Windows & Doors. Photo courtesy of Caskey & Caskey of Shorewood Realtors


Style and Design by Kolbe Windows and Doors

Style & Design

  • 50+ Vibrant Exterior Colors
  • 20 Interior Finishes
  • 13 Wood Species (including FSC-COC)
  • A wide range of hardware & finishes
  • Automated & Remote Operation
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Custom Solutions by Kolbe Windows and Doors

Custom Solutions

Kolbe’s team is continually reinventing what can be done in the window and door industry. They welcome the challenge of the extraordinary, of pushing the boundaries.

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Expansive Openings by Kolbe Windows and Doors

Expansive Openings

Whether picturing a prairie, surveying a seashore, or monitoring majestic mountains, expansive doors frame visionary views, and provide a path to nature.

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Energy Efficiency by Kolbe Windows and Doors

Energy Efficiency

At Kolbe, energy efficiency is built into our windows and doors as standard. In fact, Kolbe offers more than 20,000 products that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® qualifications in both the United States and Canada.

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Impact Resistance by Kolbe Windows and Doors

Impact Resistance

Over the years, strict building codes have been implemented in coastal areas to prevent excessive damage during tropical storms and hurricanes. A wide selection of Kolbe products can be upgraded to meet specific needs, including impact resistance in Zone 4 and High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

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Historical Replication by Kolbe Windows and Doors

Historical Replication

Kolbe windows and doors can help bring a historical building back to a state of beauty. Our products start with the finest materials and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail. If your project involves historical renovation, Kolbe can replicate the most intricate detail.

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Ultra Series TerraSpan® Lift & Slide Door, folding window and direct sets


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Professional Tools

  • Architect Library
  • Clear Openings (Egress)
  • Rough Opening Statement
  • Multiple Assemblies
  • Energy Performance Data
  • Acoustic Data
  • Performance Class ® Grade (Structural ® Impact)

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Kolbe brochures, catalogs, and other printed literature feature detailed information and high quality photography of our windows and doors.

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Your windows and doors should come with an assurance of quality. Kolbe offers product warranties that cover the windows and doors themselves, as well as various components including glass and finish.

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Care and Maintenance

High quality windows and doors are a major investment. Proper installation, regular care, and appropriate maintenance helps them remain beautiful over time, operate smoothly, and achieve long-term goals for energy efficiency.

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Climate Zone Maps and Info

Kolbe offers ENERGY STAR compliancy information on Kolbe windows and doors and highlight the several products that earned the Most Efficient grade from ENERGY STAR.

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Product Demonstration Videos

Complementing Kolbe's literature, their growing library of instructional and how-to videos make it even easier to work with Kolbe Windows and Doors.

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