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Below you can see more about our wide array of window and door choices. View the galleries associated with each product to inspire your next project and learn about key features that will increase security, energy efficiency, and beautiful detail.

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe windows and doors can be found in both residential and non-residential projects throughout North America. Kolbe's products been chosen for the homes of many celebrities and professional athletes, as well as for prestigious universities and elegant resorts. Plus, they're often specified for historic renovation projects throughout the U.S. & Canada.
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VistaLuxe® Windows and Doors in a Residence

Kolbe means customization

Kolbe offers an array of window and door collections, along with nearly limitless custom options, that provide architects and homeowners the freedom to create and execute truly unique designs.

Whether you need to match the timeless style of a historical building, meet strict local energy codes or dramatically extend living spaces into the outdoors, Kolbe windows and doors are customized to fit your needs.

See how Kolbe filled this home with windows that enhance its classic style and embrace the beautiful lakefront views.

Residence using Kolbe Windows and Doors

Kolbe means craftsmanship.

Kolbe's commitment to producing quality windows and doors began more than 65 years ago. Their dedication to expert craftsmanship, handmade touches and attention to detail are why Kolbe products are found in some of North America's most impressive homes and most unique buildings.

Every Kolbe window and door is truly built to order. Their craftsmen focus on building one window or door at a time, so they can create custom-built products for even the most challenging designs. If you can dream it, Kolbe can build it.

Take a look behind the scenes to see how Kolbe crafts made-to-order windows and doors.

Kolbe means expertise.

You can't find Kolbe windows and doors in the aisles of a home center. As a qualified Kolbe dealer, we are as passiionate about windows and doors as you are about bringing unique visions to life.

Kolbe dealers are equipped to work with architects, builders and homeowners to determine which windows and doors will be best for every home or building. Visit us for a personalized design consultation. Together, we can make your dream a concrete reality.

For homeowners interested in learning more about Kolbe, please visit kolbewindows.com. Architects and builders can find more detailed information, including energy data, drawings and 3D models, at kolbe-kolbe.com

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Western Window Systems

Western Window Systems manufactures high-end aluminum windows and doors that are ideal for contemporary style homes and commercial buildings. They're known for extremely large, custom-designed products such as sliding doors, window walls, and casements to fully showcase your home or building.
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Western Window Systems at a Glance

Western specializes in custom luxury window systems for residential, commercial, multi-family, religious, institutional, and hospitality facitlities.

It is the only manufacturer that allows the builder, architect, designer and/or homeowner complete control, ensuring that the windows, doors, hardware, and more are built with a consistent look and quality that only a single-source supplier can offer.

Sliding Doors

With clean, narrow lines that operate smoothly and provide maximum security without additional unsightly gadgets, Western combines superior frame finishes, state-of-the-art glass products, tried and proven hardware and long-lasting weather-stripping components to produce one of the finest sliding glass doors in the industry.

The Window Wall

When it comes to showcasing a beautiful view, theres no better way than with a Series 600 Window Wall. Each and every one is individually engineered to suit its purpose and custom designed to meet any need, including making glass fit around a rock.

Duo-Pane Insulating Glass

Considered the Gold Standard for manufacturing insulating glass units, a dual seal system consisting of a primary seal of polyisobutylene (PIB) and a secondary seal of silicone. Western's two most common IG configurations, Max Plus and Max Plus Triple, are manufactured using high performance soft coat LoE.

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MHB Steel Windows and Doors

MHB has more than 75 years of experience in windows and places a strong focus on innovative and aesthetic solutions. The result is a range of products that combine superior characteristics in terms of thermal insulation and wind and water tightness with outstanding elegance.
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MHB Steel Windows and Doors at a glance

1 3/16" Wide Profiles, 9' High Glazing

MHB takes advantage of steel's natural strength and durability to create profiles at 3 times the bending resistance of aluminum at half the size. This is especially unique when you consider that MHB's thin profiles are applied to not only the sightlines and mullions but to structural muntins. Through MHB, having staggered set steel windows is a thing of the past.

Classic Traditional to Ultra Modern

MHB's steel window systems are able to adapt to the architect's design, each thermally broken for enhanced performance to future proof your project for decades to come.

Water and Wind Tight

MHB's steel systems are able to conceal a fully integrated water drainage system in the profiles thanks to their superior sealing components. This results in a high level of window and water tightness without any visible holes or rain caps.

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